Freshmen Elections Tomorrow

Elections for 2012-2013 Student Council Freshmen Representative positions will be held this Thursday, August 30, 2012 during Seminar in the Auditorium.  All students will report to seminar, and the freshmen will be dismissed to the auditorium immediately after morning announcements.

Freshmen Candidates:

Blake Allen

Emilie Amunatigui

Claire Bowker

Erica Esch

Jai’ Haskell

Amelia Hoelting

Hallie Ingraham

Nathan Jones

Elizabeth McElroy

Kelsey Nagel

Samantha Neaves

Anthony Noack

Jake Nobrega

Sam Oberbroeckling

Braden Pomerantz

Maggie Preston

Austin Sanders

Sarah Smith

Katy Terry

Jake Thomas

Sophie Tomasic

Emiel Winkolmolen

Zachary Ziggenhorn



StuCo will release each section in the auditorium to come out and vote quickly and quietly in the area in front of the auditorium.  Then the students will be asked to go straight back to seminar class.

Sophomores-Seniors Travel:

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can travel during regular traveling times to specific teachers.


If you have any questions about the assembly or voting, please email Sarah Dent, Sponsor or talk to Raegan Wilks (StuCo Exec Board Parliamentarian).