Making an impact

Freshman year is the perfect opportunity to take risks.

Four  years ago I was just like you, walking into Northwest afraid of what the next four years would be. Specifically, I was afraid of freshman year.

Looking back my only regret was not taking more risks and trying new things. I played it safe at first, only going to a few home football games and Coalition’s event, The Walk.

Other than that I checked in at 7:40 and clocked out at 2:40 each day. That was my mistake.

Second semester I joined Ukulele and French Club. I quickly saw a whole new side of Northwest. I learned it didn’t have to be all work and no play.

That same semester I also decided to drop my Computer Drafting class and take Intro to Radio and TV. I quickly found that I loved making videos much more than learning about architecture.

Several of the friends I made in my radio and TV class have remained some of my best friends throughout high school. Looking back it’s really easy to see that the first half of freshman year was a waste, simply because I didn’t try to make an impact; I was just drifting through each day.

If I could only give you one piece of advice it would be this: try new things. I recommend photojournalism, and you should definitely give 21st Century Journalism a shot.

Don’t let your high school years slip away.

by Aaron Messick