My own Experience over Bullying

By: Arielle Jackson

The rope, which was supposed to be in my garage, was gone when I got home.

I began tearing my room apart, trying to find the rope, but still no luck. While I was trying to remember where I put it, I began to panic, not really able to breathe. So many thoughts ran through my mind. “What would this person think about me?” “How else can I possibly get rid of myself.”

I just didn’t want to wake up the next morning, took a hand full amount of pills, until one day I felt they weren’t working anymore. I did not know what to do next.

I laid down on the floor and cried because I felt like I wasn’t good enough. In fact, I felt worthless. No one noticed what I was doing to myself. They were all caught up in their own different ways to hurt me. I did not eat. I did not talk. I felt alone. I made myself throw up because I was regularly called fat. In their eyes, I was not good enough for anyone. I wanted a pathway to get out, I wanted someone to realize that they were hurting me.

But no one realized.

I felt like nothing could change my state of mind. Until Nick Totta, he is my first basketball coach. Gave me a flyer for a basketball clinic. I went the next Saturday morning and he took me under his wing. He taught me that basketball was an important thing and that I had potential, I felt like I actually meant something to someone. He taught me that every minute in my life has a purpose. Ever since I have been focusing on basketball and other sports that I am included in and I just give my heart.

As I was still trying to figure out things with basketball, the girls on my team became my family. They were just so encouraging and I loved them like my own sister. They told me that if I set my mind to anything I could achieve  it.

Bullying has not only taken a rough toll on my life but only 38% Northwest students have admitted to being bullied, and only 37% Northwest students think that bullying is a problem. There are many voices that have not been heard due to fear. There are only 45% of bullied students that have the courage to seek help. There is always bullying going on through the world, even at our school. We need to take action, and realize that we all need to watch what we say because it might hurt someone.