First pet supply drive held

The Animal Alliance Club is holding their first Pet Supply Drive Jan. 30 through Feb. 3. The club is asking students to bring in pet towels, beds, collars, leashes, blankets, toys and non-toxic cleaning supplies (including cat litter), which will be donated to a new animal shelter in Bonner Springs. Money or gift cards will also be accepted.

Seventh hour teachers will be collecting the donated items, and club members will be coming around after school to collect and tally the number of supplies each class donated. The class which earns the most points will win a pizza party. See the chart for the point system.

Towels: 150 points
Beds: 400 points
Collars: 100 points
Leashes: 200 points
Crates: 1000 points
Blankets: 200 points
Toys —
Kongs: 250 points
Bones: 100 points
Non-braided Ropes: 150 points
Stuffed Animals: 100 points
Cleaning Supplies —

Paper Towels: 100 points per roll

Dish Soap: 200 points

Kitty Litter: 350 points

Pooper Scooper: 250 points

Laundry Detergent: 200 points

Spray Bottles: 150 points

Trash Bags: 150 points

Bleach: 250 points

Large Hand Sanitizer: 150 points

Money/Gift Cards —
Cents: amount multiplied by 100 for points
Dollars: amount multiplied by 10 for points