Mass views

Senior Alec Britt composes songs on Mario Paint Composer and uploads them to Youtube, receiving thousands of plays.

Photo by David Freyermuth
Photo by David Freyermuth

Racing across the screen, a musical staff with familiar Nintendo icons sync with “The Final Countdown,” the famous single from the Swedish rock band, Europe. The video is a product of Mario Paint Composer.
“It’s an old Super Nintendo game they’ve remade for the computer that lets you chart down music with silly symbols for the notes, but each of them has an exact sound,” senior Alec Britt said, the creator of the video.

Although the video only depicts the music­-creating game in action, it has received over 21 thousand views on YouTube along with other songs Britt has composed using Mario Paint Composer.

“My first couple videos got a couple hundred views within a week or so, but when I started getting more followers, just came in,” Britt said.

With so many views, Britt was offered a partnership from YouTube, a way users can receive money from the video-sharing website.

“If your videos are popular enough, they can put an ad that pops up on your video and you can get money for people watching them,” Britt said. “They just emailed me offering, telling me to apply for it.”

Britt respectfully turned down the offer, keeping safe instead of involving himself with copyright issues.

“I do some original stuff, but most of it’s not,” Britt said. “I don’t want to deal with my videos being taken down .”

—-Senior Alec Britt’s video plays, flashing Nintendo icons on a musical staff, representing the notes and compostion of “The Final Countdown” by Europe.