Boys’ basketball season preview

The crowds will pour in, players will warm up in team gear and the band will play familiar songs to rally the fans for the first game of the season.

“We want to keep things as simple as possible, offensively and defensively, nothing too fancy right now because we’re having to replace a lot of guys from last year,” boys’ basketball coach Mike Rose said. “We’ve been working on everything — we want to be prepared for game number one.”

Rebuilding is the main objective for the varsity basketball team. With only five seniors (Blake Evans, Logan Unrein, Chase Rader, Jackson Foth and Bill Graves), the boys’ team consists of a lot of younger players. The Cougars will most likely be playing teams with more experience, but they won’t dwell on that.

“I think we’ve got some good senior leaders we can utilize,” Rose said. “Seniors Blake Evans and Jackson Foth both have varsity experience and will be looked at to lead this team. We’re going to have to play extremely hard this year in order to keep us in ball games, and I think we have the guys to do that.”

The players are already anticipating their season opener against SM West.

“Right now, for us, we don’t focus too much on what the other guys are trying to do, but focus on what we’re wanting to do and doing it really well,” Rose said.

Rose and the team have been preparing for the game against SM West by relying somewhat on experience they have from games past. This may be able to give a spark to the young Cougar team.

“The [SM West} coach has been there for a long time, so we kind of know what his tendencies are and what he likes to do,” Rose said. “We can look at game films from last year and we can see some things they tried to do offensively or different things they executed throughout the course of the game.”