Muckfest kicks off YoungLife season

Younglife sponsored the annual Muckfest event last night at Shawnee Mission Park. Students from SM North, West, East and Northwest were in attendance. Almost 400 students attended between the four schools.

The event began with a water balloon fight where each school was required to protect one student from getting wet. Following the water balloon fight, the students threw shaving cream and smeared it in each others faces.

“The shaving cream was definitely the best part, everyone looked like the Michellin man by the end,” senior Jake Gipple said.

Once students were sufficiently covered in shaving cream, they were given small white cups filled with flour that they flung at each other, making everyone look like baked goods.

Finally, buckets of dirt were flung through the air covering everyone in the muck-moshpit.

In order to de-muck themselves, students congregated in a group in front of a firetruck provided by the Shawnee Fire Department that drenched the crowd with water washing away the gook and grime. The event kicked of the 2011-2012 YoungLife season.