Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant

Dos Reales is a restaurant for anyone, and despite the inexpensive prices, the customers will be satisfied with the quality of their meal.The price is only a few dollars more than most sit down restaurants; a bean burrito at most sit down places would cost about $4 while a Dos Reales burrito is $2.29.

As I walk in, the aroma of spices hit me in the face. Once I sit down, I am greeted with a tray of chips and salsa from a server. The most wonderful part is that the server gives me 2 different types of salsa. The first is just a tomato sauce, which is mainly for people who don’t like spicy sauce; the other is a chunky salsa filled with different types of peppers, tomatoes, and spices.

After eating a few chips, I decide to pick out my entree. Every meal on the menu looks so amazing, and each one will surely satisfy my stomach. The meals are huge, enough to feed 2-3 people, and there is also an A La Carte option which still serves enough to fill me up, but won’t make my stomach explode.

Once I get my meal, a plate of chicken fajitas, I wonder how I am going to finish the whole thing. When I took a bite I was amazed. The chicken was very well cooked. It was smoked perfectly and all the vegetables and were soaked into the chicken, which made it taste wonderful.

If anyone is looking for a moderately priced food and delicious Mexican food, go to Dos Reales.

Lauren Smith and Courtney Saylor