Influential Seniors: Aaron Thornburg [video]


What did you learn from cross country?
Cross country has been really great for a lot of different reasons. To get a group of guys together where you practice for three hours a day, and you go on trips with them — it just gets a good relationship going. You get to mentor the younger guys, and at the same time be mentored by the upperclassmen when you are a young athlete. That has been really good in terms of relationships. Also, the racing taught me to focus.

According to the class of 2011, you are one of the most influential students. Who influences you?
I think my parents have a lot to do in my life, and they have tried to bring me up how they would like to see me act. They have been good examples, as well, so I really have to thank them a lot. In terms of individuals from the school, in my freshmen year, Jared Ellsworth and Chris Morton were good examples on the cross country team. They brought me into the ways of cross country and showed me what it is like to be a good example.

What is your biggest accomplishment in high school?
I’d say I am most proud of the academic things first and the athletic second. Things like the scholar athletic and the HyVee KMC the best of both worlds. I was really happy about that, and being a National Merit finalist too.

What are you going to study in college?
I am going to the University of Tulsa, and I am planning to major in chemical engineering. We will see if that holds up at least for the first semester, and then I am also going to run cross country and track, and keep up some piano as well.

What did you get out of four years at Northwest?
I think a lot of friendships have been formed in high school. Also, the environment of being able to learn different things and be able to test a lot of different things has been really helpful for me.