Influential Seniors: AJ Spencer [video]


How does the pressure to perform in sports affect you?
It pushes me to do well because everybody expects me to be good. I don’t think anybody is getting on me if I have a bad game or anything. If I do have a bad game, I just come back and try my best the second time around. I think the pressure goes away because you don’t think about it anymore.

Why did you decide to play football again this year?
I was watching football on TV and went to the games and I realized that I missed it, even though I took a year off to get better at basketball. I did get better at basketball, but I didn’t want to have any regrets when I graduated. I am glad I played; I made a lot of good friends and had a good senior year at football.

Looking back at the last four years, what is the most important thing you have gotten out of high school?
The most important thing I have learned from coach Meseke and coach Barnett is to be resilient if something happens to you, like what happened to Meseke with his heart. Even though that happened, he still came back and coached for a year. Even if I had a bad game, I would come back the next game and throw it out of the window. And the other thing: make a lot of friends and meet a lot of new people. Even though they might not be involved in sports, there are a lot of cool people.

Final thoughts for the senior class:
I wish you guys a lot of good luck. I know we are going to do great as the years go on.