Wasting light

Wasting light

The Foo Fighters’ latest album Wasting Light is the first since the band’s last release in 2007 with Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace.

The album begins with a classic fast paced grunge sounding Foo song, “Burning Bridge.” Lead singer Dave Grohl kicks off the new album with his powerful screamo sounding voice pounding as loud as the intense drums.

The album follows up its solid start with the second track, “Rope.” Like classic Foo Fighters hits, “Rope” begins with a catchy guitar riff and is backed by Grohl’s deep, yet rock-filled lyrics.

“Dear Rosemary,” the third track, is almost so akin to The Raconteurs’s song “Steady as She Goes” that it’s scary. In fact, on the Foo’s website promoting the album, one of the Tweets posts the title of the Raconteurs’ similar song at the exact moment the almost identical guitar riff picks up. It’s safe to say the band might be slightly influenced by Jack White and company.

“Arlandria,” the title of the fifth track is a shoutout to Grohl’s hometown in Virginia that has a really catchy chorus.

The only downside to this album is that because the Foo Fighters are a band that isn’t exactly known to “recreate” themselves or experiment with different sounds, so a lot of the songs are just stereotypical Foo music.

With that being said, when you are a band that can sell out stadiums in a blink of the eye and even play concerts with rock gods like John Bonham and Jimmy Page, the sound that you’re going with is probably working and doesn’t need much experimentation.

The latest edition of the band’s individual grunge sound is a solid ‘A,’ hopefully we will see an attempt to develop a different creative sound in the future, but for now Wasting Light is certainly not a waste of time.

Logan Coffman