Your Highness

When the poster for a movie says “From the makers of Pineapple Express,” you know it’s going to be stupid. And Your Highness lives up to its hype.

James Franco and Danny McBride star as two princes, Fabious and Thadeous, who go on a quest to rescue Princess Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel). That’s about it plot-wise. Sure, writers Ben Best and McBride add in a few twists, but they were all terribly predictable.

I cried in both this movie and Pineapple Express. But I cried from laughing at Pineapple and cried out of pain at Your Highness. The acting was terrible and, even if it was on purpose, it was not good. I cringed at more of the jokes than I laughed at. The entire movie just seemed juvenile and amateur.

Imagine a screenplay written by 12 year-old boys who add as much foul language, drugs and sexual content as possible. Both Deschanel and Natalie Portman spent their time on screen scantily clad, and either being tied up (Deschanel) or fighting evil henchmen (Portman).

Attempting to combine Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Cheech and Chong did not work out; it was awkward and simply not worth it. As far as mindless entertainment goes, Your Highness is great. As far as good mindless entertainment goes, it falls short. At the same time, it was refreshing to have a movie about nothing, and to see Natalie Portman having fun after her role in Black Swan.

Daniel Magwire