Student Council hosts second annual garage sale

Student Council held their second annual garage sale from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 2. The cafeteria was filled with furniture, clothes, electronics and more, and open to all community members.

StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent sent out a school-wide email asking for donations to the garage sale. Respondents were to give their addresses and phone numbers so that StuCo members could pick up the donations, making it easy for donors.

StuCo members then collected the donations while others brought up to school by the donors themselves.

In order to move product, StuCo offered deals such as a ‘fill-a-bag’ deal where costumers could buy as many clothes as they could fit into a bag for only $5. Toward the end of the garage sale, the same deal was offered for all items in the cafeteria.

Many of those who donated to the garage sale were shopping among the other donations.

“Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. It may seem cliché, but I saw a lot of smiling faces today,” garage sale coordinator Jake Gipple said.

After a long day of sales, StuCo reached their goal of raising $2,500. Up more than $1,000 from last year’s $1,400. The money raised will help fund StuCo events.

“It was great to see all the people out here. Last year’s attendance and revenue sales were down,” StuCo member Grant Pittrich said.

The clothes and miscellaneous items that were not sold were donated to various charities around Kansas City.

“At times,” Gipple said, “it was a lot of work and frustrating, but it was worth it in the end.”

Eric Zoellner