NHS and Ukulele Club members play for Shawnee Gardens’ residents

As wheelchairs, walkers and canes helped audience members make their way to the Shawnee Gardens’ lounge, NHS and Ukulele Club members made last minute preparations for a musical performance.

“I’ve gone to a lot of different nursing homes over the years, to play music for ” NHS vice president Aaron Thornburg said. “For NHS, I thought we could get a group together, since everyone in it is so musically talented, and do the exact same thing.”

After being approved by NHS sponsor Janine Deines for service hours, last night’s show marked the second NHS performance at Shawnee Gardens retirement home. Each act played one to two songs, allowing the next performer to quickly steal the spotlight. The entire performance lasted approximately 30 minutes.

“It could have gone on for an hour or more, and I’d still would’ve enjoyed it,” Shawnee Gardens resident Gene Kozak said. “We usually play dominoes on Wednesday night, but this was nice for a change.”

From the strumming chords of Ukulele Club, to the melodic vocals of John Kaleekal, NHS Music Night filled the room with sentiment not only intended for its audience, but to the performers alike.

“It’s good to be able to play for people that appreciate it,” NHS member Jake Gipple said.

The final performance, a piano solo by Thornburg, elicited the most response from the audience as murmurs of “That boy sure is talented” swept through the room.

Evan Shinn