Super Bowl predictions

Super Bowl predictions’s sports writers predict the winner of Super Bowl XLV.

Morgan Jones: Steelers 24-21

Despite the fact that I really don’t want the Pittsburg Steelers to win the Super Bowl this year, it’s illogical to say they probably won’t. The Steelers’ defense is second in the NFL while the Packers’ defense is fifth. There may not be a huge gap in their ranking, but the Steelers’ defense only allowed 62.8 yards rushing yards per game opposed to the Packers who allowed 194.2, clearly giving the Steelers the advantage.

The Steelers’ quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger has got it going on. He’s already played in the Super Bowl atmosphere and at least has an idea of what to expect. Also, he’s not too shabby at throwing on the run or making plays under pressure. The Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rogers has the advantage of being ranked third in the NFL. He also has a better receiving team.

With the Steelers placing first in AFC North and the Packers second in the NFC North, along with a somewhat equal balance in strengths and weaknesses, it looks like Super Bowl XLV is going to be an edge-of-seat game to watch. I presume the Packers will put up a good fight but I can’t deny that the Steelers seem more likely to walk away with the win.

Brady Klein: Steelers 31-23

ESPN analysts can spit statistics at me all day about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers defense, but when it all comes down to it the Steelers know how to win a Super Bowl. More importantly, Ben Roethlisberger knows how to win a Super Bowl. Despite both teams having an excellent defense the game will ultimately come down to the quarterbacks as it always does. Aaron Rodgers has the stats, but Roethlisberger has the experience in pressure filled games, and he also has the veterans on offense to help him out. So in the end Big Ben will take out the young kid from California.

Josh Meig: Steelers 17-13

In a battle of defenses, the outcome of the game will depend on which quarterback can better exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. With a combination of speed, power and accuracy, Ben Roethlisberger is the perfect weapon to attack the strong defense of Green Bay. The game will be dominated by turnovers from both teams, and the Steelers will make the most of the Packer miscues. Big Ben runs for a touchdown and throws for another en route to his third Super Bowl win.