Cafe Augusta

Located in a maze of random buildings near the corner of Quivira Rd. and 87th Street Parkway lies Cafe Augusta. This natural cafe prides itself on the fact that, “You are what you eat” and, as a result, the food is made minimally processed and antibiotic/hormone-free and salad dressings are made from scratch.

I ordered the Augusta’s Caesar Salad (Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, parmesan and Michi’s Caesar dressing) and a bowl of their Curried Squash soup (Indian-spiced vegetarian soup with roasted butternut squash), which were both incredibly delicious.

The lettuce in the salad was perfectly crisp and fresh and the onion wasn’t overwhelming at all. The dressing was evenly distributed throughout the salad.

The Curried Squash Soup was spicy, so if you’re not a fan of a “kick”, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I found it still edible and very well made. It wasn’t chunky but processed to a thin consistency which added to the appeal of the soup.

On most Friday and Saturday nights, Cafe Augusta hosts live music performed by local artists. A regular at the cafe is Northwest’s own Doug Talley.

I found the music enjoyable and the performers seemed to really enjoy what they were doing which added a bit of cheer to the dimly lit room.

One negative to the cafe was the service. While they were very polite and people-friendly, they didn’t seem to be there when I needed them and were a bit clueless as to what the desserts actually were.

Beyond the service, my meal of soup and salad seemed overpriced at $15. Still, the food leaves the cafe in good standings—not quite the place for a quick, cheap stop but great for the occasional indulgence or all-natural food lover.

Despite these negatives, Cafe Augusta evokes a calm atmosphere during the day with a classy, romantic counterpart for the evening. Their amazing food and kind staff, not to mention the gigantic desserts, really make this a unique place to check out.

Morgan Jones