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We’ve all heard those 10 songs that repeat on the radio over and over. We could sing them in our sleep, write out the lyrics for an essay or hum the melody on command. They’re good songs, for the most part; they wouldn’t be so popular if they were the most horrible songs on the planet.

However, sometimes musical diversity can be a nice thing. But if you’re a 95.7 junkie like myself, it’s hard to find pop-y, sing-along-able tunes that aren’t being mass produced. Listening to the same few songs on repeat quickly gets old, no matter how great they sound. So, I took it upon myself to find some less well known artists who sound similar to the musical superstars of the radio.

Each of the following artists are recommended if you like (RIYL) the songs that are topping Billboards Hot 100. Check ‘em out.

“Firework” – Katy Perry: Pixie Lott.

Pixie Lott is already a major hit across the Atlantic. In the last two years, her soulful voice has scored seven Top 20 singles on the UK Singles Charts, and her debut album, Turn It Up, went double platinum after spending an entire year on the charts. Although quite different from Katy Perry’s usual sound, Lott’s style is very similar to Perry’s stirring song “Firework.” Lott’s voice comes from deep within, and while the level of playfulness varies from song to song, it’s not hard to tell she has an honest-to-goodness amazing voice (and range). Auto-tune eat your heart out.

“Love Like Woe” – Ready Set: Forever The Sickest Kids

Forever The Sickest Kids isn’t a new name for Warped Tour fans and alternative lovers. This synth-heavy group burst onto the scene in early 2008 and has been pumping out high-pitched hits since. Relying quite a bit on drums and a catchy chorus, FTSK is the quintessential “punk” boy band. “Love Like Woe” mirrors all of the main components of the much more established group’s style, just executing them a little less impressively. It’s hard to say that one power-pop group is more credible than another, but if you like “Love Like Woe,” you’ll love FTSK.

“King of Anything” – Sara Bareilles: Vanessa Carlton

Every girl on the planet has heard “1000 Miles,” “White Houses” or “Nolita Fairytale”; it’s almost a law that, before 18, all females must have at least one of the choruses memorized. But what most of those girls don’t know: all three songs are by Vanessa Carlton. Carlton set the standard for whiney power ballads that profess girl power and true love. “King of Anything” is an amazing example of the “I am woman hear me roar” mentality, but Vanessa Carlton was singing that tune long before Sara Bareilles was even a twinkle in some producer’s eye. If you’re looking for some truly wonderful feminist jams that are heavily dependent on love, Vanessa Carlton is your girl.

“Break Your Heart” – Taio Cruz: Mohombi

This reggaeton dance-pop artist is still unknown to the majority of the world. Mohombi, raised in Sweden, sounds like he would be featured in one of the many Miami clubs the cast of the Jersey Shore frequents. His feminine voice is constantly accompanied by heavy bass, and usually a more famous collaborator (much like every Taio Cruz song, including “Break Your Heart”). Pretty much, if you like dance music, you’ll probably like Mohombi.

Hayley Battenberg