No place like…

My aunt and uncle always visit on Thanksgiving from Sioux Falls, S.D. My aunt believes that energy flows through everybody, and that she can sense where everyone’s energy is. She also believes in chakras and chi, sort of like an Americanized Buddhism. My aunt is very extreme in her beliefs and every year tries to convert our entire family. Last year she even put suction cups on my brother’s back to suck out all the bad energy and evil spirits.

Normally my aunt’s beliefs are not challenged, but this year I believe they might be. For the first time, my aunt and uncle, two Christian missionaries, are coming up from Mexico. They are devout Christians to say the least. Every time we see them they tell us great stories about how the city they live in is becoming more and more Christian. To add on, my grandparents have two foster sons, and one of them happens to start every conversation with, “Are you a believer (in Christianity)?” He will take my aunt’s beliefs offensively, and probably attempt to argue her beliefs like my missionary aunt and uncle will.

Also joining us are my other aunt and uncle. They are visiting from St. Louis, along with their four young rowdy kids that simply have a field day with anyone who is willing to wrestle with them.

Every year I sit in my grandparents’ kitchen and witness a scene of absolute catastrophe and pandemonium. Many diverse and interesting people are screaming, arguing, laughing, playing and eating up a storm. It is Thanksgiving yet again at my grandparents’ house, and there is no place I would rather be.

There is not one holiday that I look forward to more than Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is the most fun time of the year, mostly because of all the family that comes and visits. My family is incredibly different which makes them great. Every Thanksgiving the same family members come down here to meet us and we always have a great time. The people that come down only see each other once a year, so it is always exciting to see how things will go.

When we all manage to fit around just one table without bodily harm, it’s a miracle (and the existence of miracles would be debatable among my family). But being with my family at Thanksgiving is always an interesting thing. Nobody knows what will happen or who will do or say what, but we know it will be memorable.

Brady Klein