Halloween Express

An insane couple in rocking chairs sat moving back and forth in the window. Their thinning hair, hospital gowns and gaping mouths alarmed me at first until I noticed the spiderwebs hanging around them, a black cat, and blinking orange and purple lights. This more bizarre than scary display could only mean one thing: another Halloween store.

Halloween Express, a seasonal shop at Oak Park Mall, is an interesting store, to say the least. The workers, dressed in different costumes, were welcoming and invite shoppers to take a look at the wide variety of costumes available in the store. Some of the attractions? A raunchy women’s section at the front of the store with costumes like French maid and “sexy nurse” and a children’s section to the right exploding with Disney and Pixar creations. In the middle of the store is a shelf filled with a wide variety of wigs, while the back right of the store hosts other oddities. The rest the store has men’s costumes such as Mario and Luigi, Shrek and Michael Jackson, in addition to smoke machines and props.

Despite the fact that Halloween Express does have variety to choose from, it’s rather pathetic and over-priced. The Shrek costume looks more like an alien, the girls’ costumes don’t have enough fabric for the price and a good portion of the other costumes seem cheaply designed (despite the average price range of about $30 and $50). The ones that do look good are more than $150, and only a few options are available.

If prices don’t scare you or you just want to pick up a wig or mask, I recommend at least giving this store a shot. Otherwise, try out another place like Party City or FUN. Keep in mind, however, that Halloween stores are going to be cheesy regardless. Part of the fun of Halloween is looking like an idiot no matter what you’re dressed up as and finding a completely realistic costume is close to impossible unless you are willing to pull out the big bucks.

Morgan Jones and Daniel Magwire