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Life’s imperfections

Times change. I was once a 14-year-old soldier, battle-hardened by the war-torn hallways of middle school and ready for the new front called high school.

Now, as my graduation approaches, my guard is down. It turns out high school can be a neutral zone, lulling you into a false sense of security. High school comes at you fast. If you don’t pay attention, you could miss it.

Below is a list of lessons I’ve been lucky enough to catch since I entered the doors of Northwest…

  • Ignoring an ignorant comment is just as bad as saying one.
  • Reading teaches maturity. If you hate to read, you probably still have growing up to do.
  • As much as you want to tell off the popular and stuck-up people, you shouldn’t. They most likely have it worse than you.
  • There’s always somebody better than you.
  • It’s OK to be sad when you leave your friends in high school, but keep in mind, they aren’t the only people you’ll ever meet.
  • Confidence can say a lot about a person. Don’t second guess yourself, but be wary self-confidence it could come off as cockiness.
  • School dances are just a formal excuse to hump a girl (in public) for two hours without any legal consequences.
  • Petroleum jelly is the wrong kind for a sandwich.
  • There is most undoubtedly a connection between sobriety and your wellness of mind and body.
  • Never listen to rumors, especially when it involves somebody getting hit by a car.
  • In high school, you’re given chances to change your life every day. It’s up to you to distinguish what’s right from wrong.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to be an 18-year-old virgin.
  • Jazz is the perfect music to drown your teenage angst in.
  • What people think of you does matter, somewhat. It’s an evaluation of how you’re perceived in the world. Just remember that those people aren’t there when you go to sleep at night.
  • Why care about what people say you can and can’t do? They don’t control your future.
  • The people who say you find yourself in high school are just the ones who lost themselves after they graduated.
  • The people you want to try to impress are only trying to impress themselves.
  • Facebook stalking is always appropriate.

When I recall the last four years of my life, I begin to realize that high school doesn’t always define a person. Unless I’m still the same as when I walked in these doors; I’m just more open to new experiences, rather than always wanting to fight against them. I still haven’t found myself entirely. It’s not that I’ve completely changed as a person; I’ve just been building on who I once was.

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  • L

    loreal dickesonJun 16, 2010 at 12:45 am

    i think every highschool student should read this! some kids get so caught up in everything they think theres suppose to be and they dont realize that 10 years down the road it wont matter how many people hated you or how many people liked you for the wrong reasons. people just need to be themselves and make friends that accept them for everything they are and learn that its there future thats in there hands. down the road it wont matter what kind of shoes you wore or how many times you hook up with people.. you dont have to be a bad kid to be accepted some kids think they have to be messed up every night and be “getting some” every night to have friends but they dont.. some people in highschool are really immature they get mad if you decide not to be there friend anymore because you are trying to make your life better and more positive and its really irritating when people belive every rumor they hear! just because some P.O. person said something to make someone else look bad. People need to have more self confidence and stand up for themselves. Not saying they should go around and knock out everyone that gives them a dirty look but just dont let people say stuff that isnt true correct people that are completly wrong especially when its about themselves.. idk im just trying to get threw highschool the best i can and i guess so is everyone else.. the only thing we can do is give it our best.
    -loreal dickeson. class of 2012=)

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Life’s imperfections