Influential seniors: Terence Trice

Terence Trice: Thespian Troupe #888, choir, Spirit Club, NHS

On the Poetry Slam: The last two years I’ve placed third, and this was my final shot. As soon as last year’s slam was over, I went home and started writing. The poem I performed was one I finished in the summer. It gave me the ability to express myself more since I knew it and didn’t have to hold a piece of paper.

On the senior song: I’ve always thought it was amazing that one song could unite an entire class. I was so proud to be a part of it and share my originality.

On his career path: I’m going to JCCC, but my career path is unclear. I think being a teacher would be good for me; I love inspiring people. Teaching high school would give me the opportunity to make the greatest impact.

Most embarrassing moment: During freshman year at the class competition, we had to get on our stomachs and slide across the gym floor on dollies. Well, I didn’t wear a belt that day and as soon as I stood up, I realized that my pants had fallen down and I was in front of the entire school in my boxers.