Review: New albums

Raymond v. Raymond
by Usher
Usher’s new album Raymond v. Raymond was so good, it may even be one of his best albums so far. A couple of his songs were better than others, and the best song on the CD was “There Goes my Baby;” the beat to the song and the melody just flowed as one. Usher’s new album is worthwhile and an album that you should definitely go check out. Damon Colum

by Passion Pit

Passion Pit’s album is a fantastic CD, full of unexpected high vocals topped with a catchy rhythm. One track on the new album, “Making Light,” is filled with upbeat keyboard rhythms that make you want to jump on your bed and dance. “Making Light” has a techno-pop mix underscore with electric beats. Another track on the album is “The Reeling,” a fast track that is a good party song with its quick, awesome tempo.

Freight Train
by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson’s new CD, Freight Train, is a great CD for anyone who loves country music. Compared to Jackson’s 2008 album, Good Time, this album is more mellow. The songs on Freight Train define country unlike on Good Time, where they were more fun and upbeat. None of the songs are much different than his usual songs, but the lyrics stand out because of the stories they tell. A must-download song is “It’s Just That Way,” whose beat and music stand out more than the lyrics. Quinn Truax


MGMT’s new album, Congratulations, is definitely a trip off of the beaten path. Most of the nine songs are a blend of acoustic guitar chords and sounds that can hardly be described in terms of an instrument.

MGMT was brought to fame by their previous album, Oracular Spectacular. Their single, “Kids,” a more mainstream alternative song with synthesizer mixed in, was not like the rest of their album. The band’s true colors were not well represented by this song.

Congratulations is lyrically unique, creating poetry that can be interpreted in any way; which makes listening to the songs over and over entertaining instead of monotonous.

The instrumental genius of “Lady Dada’s Nightmare” runs through the plot line of a good dream turned sour. With screaming and wailing sounds to accompany a heroic sound, it makes you feel as if you are walking through a forest at night.

Many of the songs share a similar sound, such as “It’s Working,” and “I Found a Whistle.” Both utilize a soft falsetto. Some individuals might not like the far out songs at first. After a few listens though, they too will be humming along with the catchy beats.

-Connor, Quinn, Monica, Damon