Applications of the week

Plants vs. Zombies

The latest in PopCap Games’ line of stellar casual games keeps PopCap’s reputation intact. As you might have guessed, you play as weaponized plants under siege by the undead hordes  in a tower defense-style game (Well, maybe you didn’t guess that). Frame rates tend to drop when the action gets frantic, but aside from that, the game is great in every way. $2.99 Learn more about the app.

Choas Rings

Chaos Rings is an epic iPhone-only RPG from Square Enix, creators of the renowned Final Fantasy series. Amazing graphics and simple-but-intuitive battle controls make this easily Squenix’s best effort on the iPhone so far. $15.99 Learn more about the app.

Zenonia 2

The sequel to last year’s unlikely hit, Zenonia 2 improves on its predecessor’s Zelda-style hack ’n’ slash game play with improved customization options and tightened controls. The lack of real change is the game’s only real flaw, but if you’ve never played the first Zenonia, you owe it to yourself to try Zenonia 2. $4.99 Learn more about the app.