Review: Clash of the Titans

If you’re looking for another Avatar, you won’t find it in Clash of the Titans. The 3-D aspect of this movie must have been a last minute decision for profits, because it turns the D in 3-D to dull.

TitansIf the trailer wasn’t cheesy enough to convince you this movie was going to be a mythological catastrophe, then maybe its acting will. Sam Worthington, Perseus, is just as static as Jake Sully from James Cameron’s box-office masterpiece, not to mention almost identical in appearance, minus the blue skin and yellow eyes. Worthington just happens to be the only character in the whole movie with a buzzed head, while the others have the long brown braids of ancient Grecians.

If you must see Clash of the Titans because you’re a fan of the 1981 original and want to see it disgraced upon, see it in 2D. Watching the trailer you might think the CGI would blow minds, but you’ll exit the theater disappointed, wanting to watch the original, loving its outdated, stop-motion techniques. And worst of all, the monstorous Kraken, the spawn of Hades that is supposed to destroy the city of Argos, is only a knock-off of the monster from 2008’s Cloverfield.

Don’t waste your money to see this modern remake. Sure, the 3D glasses might look hip, but they won’t immerse you in the alternate visual worlds Avatar and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland created.