Meseke receives new heart

Former basketball coach and math teacher Ben Meseke was the recipient of a heart transplant on March 13 and is at home recovering from the surgery.

Meseke took a leave of absence on Nov. 6 because of a recurring heart problem. He was placed on a waiting list at St. Luke’s Hospital for four months until a heart that fit his needs became available.

“Doctors had told me that my blood type was A positive,” Meseke wrote, “But when they got inside, they found it to be striped—Blue/White (Hayden) and Orange/Black (NW).”

A journal on Meseke’s progress can be found here . Family members provide updates on Meseke’s progress, and website visitors can leave notes in the guest book.

“I want to thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers,” Meseke wrote. “They all warmed my new heart back to room temperature.”