Review: The Crazies

The Crazies

Released Feb. 26, “The Crazies” is the remake of a 1973 movie that tells the story of the inhabitants of a small town in Kansas who become insanely homicidal after a toxin contaminates their town’s water supply.

Unlike most horror movies, “The Crazies” does not rely on cheap scares. It provides a vivid look into a world of glassy-eyed, blood-thirsty monsters.

Of the movie’s stars, actor Timothy Olyphant, who plays David Dutten, was particularly stand-out and a perfect fit for his character, the strong and handsome hero/sheriff.

“The Crazies” can be compared to “28 Days Later”, a zombie thriller, where friends and family are pressured into ending the life of their now infected loved ones. That factor showed the audience the difficulty of survival when every person you ever knew was transformed into a killing machine. Another quality that made the movie so good was the suspense factor. There was hardly a point in time when the audience wasn’t on the edge of their seats anticipating the next move. This movie does not present itself as some far-fetched horror, but a possible reality. “The Crazies” is one of the few modern horror movies that do not leave you disappointed.