Review: Lost

Lost: the final season

What ever happened to Claire? What has Sayid become infected with? Who is possessing John Locke? And the number one question on many minds: will the “Lost” survivors ever get off the island and ultimately stay off?

Jack Shephard. John Locke. Kate Austen. James “Sawyer” Ford. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. Jin and Sun Kwon. Sayid Jarrah. These people are more commonly known as the only characters in the TV series “Lost” who have managed to stay both alive and prominent in all six seasons of the show.

The show originally started with the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on a mysterious island, and, much to the delight of conspiracy theorists everywhere, has led to episodes featuring evil masterminds, cover-ups, time-traveling and people who just can’t seem to stay dead — apparently a recurring theme on this island.

With the premiere of the new season on Feb. 2, more than 12.1 million of the loyal followers turned in, according to ABC, hoping to finally get some answers from the many, MANY unanswered questions and loose ends. For those who do not know, season five ended with a bang — literally. The show took a surprising twist, and those stuck on the island faced something even more crazy than usual, and, believe me, the bar is set pretty high, with black smoke monsters, electromagnetic anomalies and the band of native inhabitants known as “The Others.” Now, a hydrogen bomb has been set off by the flight survivors who have somehow time-traveled to the year 1977 in the hope that the island will be destroyed, so they will never end up on the island in the first place. Confusing, right? Not surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to work. But in a certain respect, it does. An alternate universe has now been created. Seriously.

As a die-hard “Lost” fan myself, even I find this new turn of events hard to swallow. The writers’ goal seems to be to confuse as many viewers as possible by the end of this last season and to drag out the last episodes by loading them with impossible scenarios. While the original storyline was interesting, the characters not half bad and the set location to die for, the show has morphed into something with an unbelievable plot and flat characters who don’t seem to learn from their mistakes and experiences. (Has anyone else been wishing for the end of the annoying Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet love square?). With 15 episodes left in the series, fans hope that a new twist will occur in the plot and that some of those questions will be actually answered.