Review: Valentine’s Day

All star cast out shine script.

On Feb. 12 Valentine’s Day became more than just another Hallmark holiday. Thanks to director Gary Marshall, Valentine’s Day moved to the big screen. For those unfamiliar with the name, Marshall directed Pretty Woman as well; although, he should have stopped there.

The movie follows an oddly interconnected group of people who portray love at its best and at its worst. Everyone can relate to at least one person in this film. It’s not that Valentine’s Day was necessarily a bad movie, it was simply lacking substance although this should have been expected from the preview. Everyone in the theater was laughing, yet it was simply from cheap jokes.

In the end, the problem was that the all-star cast seemed to outshine the not-so-all-star script. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood appeared in this movie, including Ashton Kutcher, George Lopez and Julia Roberts; yet, their role didn’t live up to their fame. Taylor Swift was underutilized as the stereotypical blonde cheerleader, which was extremely disappointing. Someone with so much talent should have a better role than that. After all, Swift is one of the few wholesome music artists out today, writing her own songs and acting as a role model for many, and all she did in this movie was act like a ditz for some cheap laughs. Really, is that all the producers had for her? In this movie they had amazing actors and actresses and yet nothing was done to utilize all of the exceptional talent.

The problem with the movie was that it jumped around quite a bit. The idea of showing all aspects of Valentine’s Day was nice. The idea of adding a bit of cynicism or sarcasm to the day was appealing as well, yet the idea seemed to be jumbled too much as if it was on the edge of something great but, in the end, seemed almost a bit random. It was like telling a few pages of people’s stories, discussing their turmoils or bliss, when the audience should be given the whole chapter so they could fully appreciate it.

The movie was very light-hearted, it was a cute movie, definitely good for a night out with friends; but not something to consider buying or watching again. This is a movie for cheap laughs, not an intriguing story line.