Loyal to foil

Northwest explores the popular fast-dining restaurant and its impact on students. Learn the facts of Chipotle and the unwritten challenges its developed since its opening in 1993.

Whether it’s because of a craving, routine or good challenge, Chipotle has been known for its fast-growing popularity ever since it was established in 1993. When founder Steve Ells created his mexican grill from an $85 thousand loan from his father, he figured to make a profit he would have to sell 107 burritos a day, but by the end of the month he was selling over a thousand. In 1995, Ells opened a second franchise with six more following in 1997. After the company had shown success, McDonald’s took interest and bought a minority stake of Chipotle and opened its first units outside of Denver in Kansas City. As of September 2009 there are 900 locations throughout the U.S and Canada, in 33 states, District of Columbia and Ontario. It has also generated many fan websites, challenges and other promotional ideas. Here’s what some NW students have to say.

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Garret Pfau
Garret Pfau

What’s in your burrito?
Double Rice, Carnitas, Pinto beans (I like the pinto because they’re not as hard as the black beans), I get double hot salsa because all that hot salsa soaks into the rice and gives you some hot little spicy action going on. Cheese, Sometimes lettuce, I keep it pretty carnivorous.

How often do you go?
I go to Chipotle twice a week, at least

What’s the craze?
It’s delicious. The tortillas are so soft and it’s the best. There’s always some nice Hispanic lady making it for me, and they’re never rude. Most of my friends tend to enjoy it quite a bit, but no one loves Chipotle like I do. It’s everything that’s just awesome. The food is big; it’s Mexican; and it’s tasty. It gives you all of the calories you need from a heavily draining day in the school building.”

What’s the best part about eating at Chipotle?
The best feeling is when you’re done with the burrito and you crumple the foil up in a ball and through it in the trash. That’s the best part. It’s pretty exciting when you’re watching them make it. You’re thinking, ‘They need to hurry up and give that to me right now or I’m going to jump over that counter.’ I should try it.

What do you think about some of the Chipotle challenges?
It would probably be the greatest moment of my life if I accomplished that. If I had enough time to go through the training, I would gladly go for it.

Sarah Sexton
Sarah Sexton

What’s in your burrito?
Rice, Black Beans, No Meat (I’m not vegetarian, I’m just not a big fan of the meat there. I think it tastes better without it) Fresh Tomato salsa, Cheese, Lots and lots of sour cream, Guacamole

How often do you go?
Once a month or so.

Are your friends fans?
(My friends) go there, but they’re not into it as much as I am. But I think they like it.

What’s the craze?
I have absolutely no idea why people like it so much. They must put something in the food. It’s just really tasty. Something everyone likes.

Do you usually finish your burrito in one sitting?
Never. I usually take it home and eat it in 3 more meals.

What is the best part about eating at Chipotle?
The best part is when after you pay and they hand you the bag with all of your stuff in it, because it’s really heavy, and you get really excited to dive right into it.

Chipotle Facts-

  • The average burrito has 800 calories.
  • In every Chipotle Mexican Grill location there is a picture displayed of the original restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
  • There are 5,535 possible menu combinations.
  • Chipotle (say chi-POHT-lay) peppers are red, meaning fully ripened, jalapenos that are dried by smoking.
  • Most popular burrito: Chicken, pinto beans, fresh tomato salsa and cheese.