You are what you write

Handwriting is a sure way to tell people apart, something unique to each individual person. Some studies suggest there are links between personality and handwriting making it so you are what you write.

Handwriting is a universal expression of language, but it can also portray one’s personality. Every curve and space not only forms a word, but displays anything from emotion to physical or mental condition. Graphology, or the study of handwriting, has been studied for decades to find the distinctions and their meanings.

sketched hand sumi fade

Everyone’s handwriting is different, and usually it does not stay consistent through the course of their lives. Studies have shown that handwriting not only reflects personality, but mood or emotion at any point in time. Every part of the writing is analyzed, but the work as a whole is taken into consideration as well. Variations in letter size, spacing, slant and pressure are all part of analyzing handwriting (see sidebar).

There is also a difference between signatures and regular writing. A signature portrays how the writer wishes to be perceived, while everything else is a more accurate representation of their true selves. All of these different components convey specific traits, or even an emotion. Together, they can give insight to the mind of the writer.

There is a significant bond between the way our brain functions and the way we write. Again, emotion or a mental state can greatly affect handwriting, but being left or right- brained also plays into our writing style. Handwriting is an outward expression of our thoughts, and can display both our conscious and subconscious minds. For example, according to Nichols, anxiety can lead to sharper, pointier letters. Or being tired can cause sloppy spacing and straying from the lines. Analyzing handwriting can even be used to look into the thought processes of children and criminals. Graphologist Andrea McNichols even used her skills to help analyze the Hitler diaries, providing insight to his psychology. Plus, almost a century ago Sigmund Freud began studying graphology and using it to perform psychoanalysis. The medical field has even employed handwriting analysis to help with diagnosis. Fluidity and consistency of the handwriting can help to test for faulty motor skills and other problems.

Companies also analyze applicant’s handwriting to see if the best match their ideal employee’s personality. Although, all of these methods are considered unreliable and don’t provide concrete information.

FryusethisoneMy handwriting portrays that I’m well balanced and methodical. I am powerful and determined, plus practical and detail-oriented. I am calm, patient, and artistic. “Don’t tell my teachers this, but when I’m less confident in my answers or essays, I always write nicer to make them look better. “I agree sometimes, but not about the calm part. I’m always stressed.”

elenaharveyMy handwriting portrays that I am active, but methodical. I am ambitious and optimistic, and also energetic. I am careful and poetic or artistic.“I don’t think my analysis describes me, i just think my handwriting shows that i’m writing because i have to.”

BlakeusemeI am artistic and detailed, plus methodical. I am powerful and determined, energetic and aggressive. I am calm and patient with a positive attitude. “I think certain things about a person can be shown in their handwriting, but it doesn’t really relate to their personality. ““I think most of those acutally sound like my personality.”

hunterholmanI am active, restless, and clever. I am ambitious and optimistic, but also relaxed. I am careful, intelligent, bold, and usually have a positive attitude.