Influential Seniors: Ella Huggins

Hear from 2023 influential senior Ella Huggins


NW Passage Staff

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in Northwest?

“Probably to advocate for yourself and also just to try new things. Especially when I was a junior, I was still involved in a lot, but I was more hesitant to branch out to things I haven’t been in before. A lot of that was because I still felt really new, and more nervous to meet people. But the more people you meet, the easier it gets to keep meeting new people. And that’s, I feel like that’s such an important life skill.”

What is one thing you will miss most after graduation?

“I feel like, in high school, everyone is kind of on a different path. Everyone was in it together and you all kind of feel like a community. Especially senior year, I felt a lot of people my grade got closer. I’m gonna miss seeing everyone a lot.”