The Diversity Fair took place after three clubs organized it

Veronica Meiss and Sofia Ball

The Diversity Fair took place on Thursday the 13th in the mall. Students lined up their trifolds decorated with glitter glue, maps and facts on their culture. 

Black Student Union (BSU), Latinos of Tomorrow (LOT) and Jewish Student Union (JSU) worked together to organize an event dedicated to inclusivity. 

“Planning was really nice, it involves a lot of communication,” LOT leader Perla Moreno said. “BSU did a really good job at making sure everyone was on the same page. We had about four meetings go over food, who is in charge the tables and who makes the posters. Dr. Gruman bought some of the stuff for us. For me personally, I made the horchata, which takes 10-12 hours to make. It was kind of cool, because I’ve never made it before. Everyone really liked it.”. 

The brainstorming took place in February, planning in March and execution in April.

“It was hard getting everyone’s ideas together on the same thing,” Moreno said. “I wanted our culture to represent not just Mexico, but all of the countries that are considered Hispanic or Latino.”

Overall, the event was not only informational about diversity, but gave students the opportunity to express their heritage and have fun doing it.

“The best part was how many people showed up and really enjoyed the food and seeing many people try new things,” Moreno said.