Juniors win the Prom Spirit Stick

Grace Logan

On April 13 at the Prom Assembly, the junior class won the Spirit Stick. Each class was graded on the following criteria: 

  • Theme: Attire & Decorations – Much of class is dressed in theme, props and decorations in stands.
  • Hype! – Level of volume and excitement. 
  • Respectful Cheering – Quiet during talking, staying positive, etc.
  • Class Competitions (Finish the Lyric) – Competitive participation and success. 
  • Class Skits – Crowd involvement, organization, creativity, theme. 

A Word for a Spirit Judge: Britt Haney

What stuck out to you about the junior’s skit? 

I really enjoyed the junior’s skit. It featured a lot of different students doing a lot of different things and it was well rehearsed. I thought the sophomores also did a good job of involving many different students. I {also} loved what the band did. They got extra kudos from me when the band actually started playing the music and then the {rest} were dancing. I thought all five groups today did an amazing job cheering each other on. 

What did you think about the senior’s skit? 

I did not think it was the best class senior skit of the year. This is their fourth one, and honestly, it was probably my fourth favorite of the {year}. I thought earlier in the year the seniors did an amazing job modeling to the other classes how to incorporate as many different students as possible, using a wide range of music and everybody knowing their parts. I thought they kind of just did what they needed to do. But, I thought the seniors were very positive. I apologize that word didn’t get to the rest of the group and we had kids leaving during the middle of the senior song. That’s definitely something that we’ll need to fix moving forward and making sure that everyone will stay. 

Was there any negative behavior that you observed? 

No, this was by far the best, most positive assembly I’ve seen in the last two years. I was very impressed with all five groups in terms of support, cheering for everybody who was out there performing. It was just great across the board.