House Bill 2238: An Overview

All you need to know about the bill preventing transgender athletes from participating in sports that do not fit their biological sex

Izak Zeller

House Bill 2238 was recently vetoed for the third year in a row by Governor Laura Kelly, preventing it from becoming law. The bill prohibits students from playing on sports teams that don’t match their biological sex. The bill is directed toward transgender students and seeks to make sports fairer in the eyes of Congress.

“Let’s be clear about what this bill is all about — politics,” Kelly said in her veto message. “It won’t increase any test scores. It won’t help any kids read or write. It won’t help any teachers prepare our kids for the real world. Here’s what this bill would actually do: harm the mental health of our students.”

After a veto, Legislators do have the power to override it, but they only have 30 days from when they received the official veto notice to attempt it.