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Crochet Club takes shape; begins meeting

Morgan Tate and Grace Logan

Crochet Club started up in January and has been meeting up once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays in room 7. They are crocheting stuffed animals that will be donated to Children’s Mercy at the end of the year. Since the first meeting, the club has attracted a regular turnout of both experts and hobbyists.

“, there were some people that were making clothes already and there were some people who didn’t know how to hold the yarn or the crochet needle,” art teacher Kimberly Ruttan said. “It balanced out to where there were enough people that were knowledgeable that they could go around and help out.”

Crochet Club was originally started by Isabelle Boshart, who wanted to share her passion for crocheting with Northwest.

“She loved ,” Ruttan said. “She thought it would be really cool to try and not only spread it here, but to make figures to donate to Children’s Mercy  patients. She has truly taken and run with it.”

If Crochet Club sounds like it’s for you, contact Ms. Ruttan or Isabelle Boshart for more details.