Behind the Myth

People know Skyler Wilson’s name, brand and his YouTube channel, but don’t know what Wilson has done to establish the man


Grace Logan

No one is a stranger to the name Skyler Wilson.

Maybe some have seen him walking the halls, interviewing students for his YouTube Channel, “Stay Wavy Will.” Maybe others know his clothing brand, “Wavy Apparel.” Maybe it’s the way Wilson carries himself – a way that people can’t ignore.

He’s a funny guy, always the loudest in the room.

But people don’t really know Skyler Wilson.

They don’t know that he wakes up at 6:15 a.m. for school after working the closing shift at Wingstop until 12:30 a.m.

They don’t know that he loves Chipotle, but not as much as he loves making people smile and making his mom proud.

People know the Skyler Wilson of today, but haven’t seen the work he put in to establish his own identity.

Growing up, Skyler did everything with his brother, Sam Wilson III. Same friends, same activities, through thick and thin, Skyler followed his brother.

Year after year, the two were tied at the hip. Then Sam, annoyed with the constant presence of his little brother, finally said: “You keep following me everywhere.”

Skyler’s first thought was: “Well, what else am I going to do?”

“I sat down and realized he had a point,” Skyler said. “I really didn’t have my own identity.”

Freshman year, things were going to change. And they did. Wilson made new friends and began to focus more energy into what he enjoyed: art.

Wilson hoped to monetize his drawings, but many high schoolers weren’t willing to match the price of his work.

He found himself at a juncture: sell his art for under the value or find another way to profit from his skill. But he knew one thing for sure: giving up this creative outlet wasn’t an option.

Wilson wanted to make the smartest financial decision. At his first job at, Wilson spent paycheck after paycheck. He knew he couldn’t do that again.

Clothing, that’s what Wilson would make.

“Everybody buys clothes,” Wilson said. “It’s an interest that I can get into and capitalize on. It’s pretty swell. This is a way for me to express myself and help others express themselves. It makes me smile when I go out and see people wearing my clothes. That’s a different type of feeling you don’t everyday.”

In April of 2020, during the quarantine, Wilson began doing research and purchasing the materials needed to get his business started.

Sewing Machine, check.

T-shirts, check.

Cricket Machine, check.

He has been selling clothes through

@swodapparell ever since. However, with the stress of school, Wilson has put a pin in the production of Rich Bum clothing. This coming summer he plans to release more clothing. But, in the meantime, Wilson has found other ways to remain creative – posting on his YouTube Channel.

“I try my best to spread positivity and make people smile,” Wilson said. “You know, sometimes people are having a bad day. you make them laugh, it can change their whole day..”

People know Skyler Wilson.

They know his brand, “Wavy Designs.”

They know his YouTube Channel, “Stay Wavy Will.”

He’s a funny guy, always the loudest in the room. But people don’t really know Skyler Wilson.