Connecting KCI

The new Kansas City International Airport Single Terminal has brand new features for all flyers to access

A rendering of the new Kansas City International Airport Single Terminal from

Veronica Meiss and Sophie Delaney

The Kansas City International (KCI) Airport Single Terminal opened Feb. 28, with new restaurants, new artwork and new amenities for flyers to enjoy.

The new 39-gate terminal features hemlock ceilings at the south end to complement a hanging art installation “The Air Up There,” by Nick Cave. Cave graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute. Most of the art featured in the new terminal was created by local artists.

The south end of the check-in hall will be “Let the Music Take You” by George Rodriguez, which includes  large scale  figures of jazz band members. Complementing Rodriguez’s piece, the north end of the check-in hall will feature “Wings” by John Balistreri, another large scale ceramic piece.

The new security checkpoint will consist of 16 lanes in the center of the check-in hall. The terminal and Clear, a traveler program, are partnering to help travelers get through the check-in process faster.

The Kansas City Air Travel Experience will debut in the new terminal. Flyers, particularly first-time flyers, can practice buckling their seat belts and locking the lavatory door to help them feel as comfortable as possible on their  flights. This action is in efforts to make the airport more accessible to anyone planning to fly.

With the new terminal, international and out-of-state flyers will have a different  experience when they land in Kansas City. All information gathered from