My Fear of Moving Forward

To graduate early or not to graduate early


Annamarie Torres

Junior Elaina Hammes wears wa cap and gown Feb. 27 in front of the West entrance.

Elaina Hammes

Moving on in life can be difficult. Growing up itself can happen so fast. One minute you’re five-years-old watching Disney movies with your mom, the next you are filling out your senior enrollment card for high-school.

College decisions are something that everyone makes at some point in their lives, whether it be what college to go to, or if they even want to go to college. The decision I am facing right now is not about attending college, but rather the decision whether or not to graduate high school early.

Of course when making a decision like this, I ask for advice and other people’s thoughts on the idea. Some say I should do it, “It will give you more experience in the real world,” others say, “Don’t do it, why would you want to grow up faster?”

In my mind, I can see both sides of those answers. I don’t think I will be missing out on high school experiences. If I go through with it, I am able to still attend dances and walk across the stage along with my other classmates. Those are memorable experiences I will still be able to encounter. If I decide to graduate early, I think I will undergo more experiences that will prepare me for my future.

In all honesty, I can say I am not worrying about missing out on high school. I do not want to spend more time attaching myself to a building which I am inevitably leaving anyway. Graduating early doesn’t mean I am “missing out,” I think I am just ready to move on.

Yes, I am afraid of growing up, but that is a fear everyone must face one day. Better sooner than later to face your fears. The more I think about

growing up, the more adrenaline I feel. No matter the decision I make, I look forward to what life has to offer. I look forward to the adventure that I will go on.