The Most Important Factor

Student Body President Erin Moody discusses the importance in creating relationships with people


Kara Simpson

Senior Erin Moody looks into the camera in room 151.

Grace Logan

It’s 9:25 a.m. on a Tuesday. Students have just begun to settle into seminar. The sharp buzz of the intercom cuts conversations short. A confident voice begins:

“Goood morning, Cougars! I’m Erin Moody and these are your morning announcements.”

Growing up, Student Body President Erin Moody dreamt of being the President of the United States. As the years passed, she began to look at the process and the commitment required more realistically.

“I realized that wasn’t going to happen,” Moody said. “I was like, ‘Well, I really do like StuCo, so run to be president of my school. I’ve always wanted to be a leader, just at a smaller scale.”

One of Moody’s favorite parts of her job has been the opportunity to get to know the student body, from freshman to seniors.

“Relationships are the most important factor in life,” Moody said. “You can’t go through life alone.”

Moody appreciates the environment created in StuCo. The Board is one of the most diverse.

“It’s not just like one demographic like we’re pretty spread out,” Moody said. “It’s really nice. We balance each other out.”