Winter Art Contest: Winner!

Thank you for all the submissions and congratulations to the winner!


Caraveo’s winning submission.

Samael Caraveo

“A Tear in an Ocean of Many”

As an Hispanic and Indigenous artist, I find it natural to bring influences of my culture into my art. The inspiration for this piece came from the MMIW (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women) movement, with the intent being to bring awareness to the often tossed aside point of view. Indigenous women are x10 more likely to be murdered than any other ethnicity, with it being the third leading cause of death amongst them. 40% of sex trafficking victims are identified as Indigenous. Despite 5,712 cases being reported to police of violence against Native women, only 116 cases remain in the Department of Justice database. The piece takes inspiration from a mainstream pop artist’s album cover, with the idea that it’ll catch more eyes. It depicts a harsh reality, and one that is personal to me and my family, having experienced an attempted kidnapping of one of my relatives in broad daylight. The subject weeps for people like my family, naked, save for her blanket, vulnerable and overwhelmed with sadness for her stolen sisters. She begs for the audience to mourn with her, but her glance is clouded with oppression. Still, she remains hopeful, looking up for a solution.

– Samael Caraveo