An Experience to Remember

Band wins the Spirit Stick for only the second time


Evan Johnson

Freshmen Ian Murdock, Avery Cornelius and seniors Alexis Petry and Dylan Reed hold up the spirit stick Dec. 1 in the Main Gym. It was awarded to the band by judges due to their support of other groups. “In the moment, there was so much adrenaline and just pure energy,” Reed said. “Last year at [the Sweetheart assembly], we were a skit away from winning and I was hoping to run it back”

Veronica Meiss

“The 2022 Not So Late Night Spirit Stick winner is…” 

Everyone in the Main Gym anxiously waited for the announcement of the winner, pulling out their phones and beginning to film. 


The band section lit up with a loud roar, excitement at a peak as a Spirit Club representative lifted the Spirit Stick up to the hands of band members. 

After the group decided to participate in all spirit assemblies this school year, the Band finally won the Spirit Stick for Not So Late Night. This marks the second time in the school’s history that there has been a band victory.

“I felt that the entire band went all out this assembly, from our theme to our skit it was all amazing,” senior Nick Ruschill said. “It will definitely be an experience to remember for all of us.”

The spirit judges for the assembly were Susan Massy, Cassie Bannion, Jacob Nichols, Tanner Ybarra and Isabel Blanco. According to Massy, the reason the Band won the Spirit Stick was because their spirit for other groups stood out. 

“I think the judges were really impressed by the band’s consistent support of every group and organization,” Massy said. “As well as their spirited participation in the class competitions and the overwhelming number of people who came dressed in beach gear.”