Just Dance

Dance team prepares for upcoming competitions, taking guidance from past judges

Sofia Ball

Dance team competed in stated Nov. 18 and has had three competitions so far this season. 

“Our team is still growing and I really like where we are headed especially since we had a great marching season.” dance coach Ciara Walahoski said. 

Marching season officially started on July 19 and ended on Oct. 29 for dance. To prepare they had three practices a week and performed at each football game. 

The Neewollah band festival was on Oct. 29, where the Marching Band won 2nd place. State occurred on Nov. 25 at Storm Vale Event Center in Topeka, Kansas, where Dance Team received critiques afterwards and did not place.

“The feedback we received was working on presentation and arm movements, which I am making goals to improve on for this season,” Walahoski said. 

Dance is accompanying the Marching Band to Orlando Christmas Day and will come back Jan. 1. The duration of their trip will be spent performing in local parades and touring Disney Land and Universal Studios. The upcoming competitions are on Jan. 13 and 14. at the Miss Kansas Dance Festival at Olathe South and Jan. 20 and 21 at Lee Summit North Dance Invitational. Their last competition of the year is on Feb. 3 and it’s the Innovative Dance Classic.