Not As Planned

Decreased publicity leads to drop in attendance at Mother-Son, Father-Daughter Dance


Brody Carlson

Boosted by junior Parker Pavlik, junior Dylan Cooper does a backflip at the Mother Son Father Daughter (MSFD) dance Nov. 5 in the Cafeteria. The theme of the MSFD dance was decades, so Cooper and Pavlik dressed in 50’s attire. “It felt really amazing once I landed it and knew I didn’t mess up,” Cooper said. “It’s the second time we did it. We first did it as a part of our junior skit for the Bonfire assembly.”

Izak Zeller

Student Council’s annual Mother-Son Father-Daughter (MSFD) dance was held on Nov. 5. Dancing, snacks and even a root beer drinking contest kept attendees busy. Each couple, a student and the adult of their choice, choose attire based on the decade of their choice.

“Since upperclassmen are the ones attending with their parents, the underclassmen help run the dance,” StuCo secretary Annaliese Nguyen said. “They would be at the entrance tables selling tickets or at the photo booth table taking pictures.”

 Although attendance is generally lower for this dance compared to Homecoming and Prom, it down further than anticipated. Sixty-seven people attended.

“We had less time to publicize this year,” Nguyen said. “I think more people found out more last minute than StuCo would have liked. However, I still consider the event a success because everyone who attended had lots of fun.”

When setting up the day before, StuCo members ran into a snag. It’s a senior tradition to spray paint a tarp with messages and art before hanging it up as a decoration on the wall of the cafeteria. But this time, it was raining the day of the dance and they had trouble finding a spot to paint.

“We were initially outside the doors… by the choir and ceramics rooms,” Nguyen said. “But the overhead just wasn’t covering enough. I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to do this inside, but we just ended up laying it down on that ramp hallway by the ceramics room.”

 For those who didn’t attend this year, StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent has one piece of advice.

“How often do we take time out of our busy schedules to hang out with family members? Whether that’s mom or dad, step-parent or just a trusted loved one, how often do we do that? The MSFD dance really is a great event to be intentional about spending time with people that we love.”