Forks Down: McLain’s

We try the Pepperjack Burrito in honor of the first Late Start Thursday


Evan Johnson

We tried the Pepperjack Burrito from McLain’s Market on Sept. 12. Although we thought it was pricey for the size, we disagreed on whether it was spicy enough, too spicy or just right.

Established in 1945, McLain’s Market has since evolved into a trendy marketplace selling muffins, donuts and Danish pastries. They also sell cakes, buns and burritos. 

With its open space, casual lounging areas and lots of light, it captures a modern aesthetic with a bohemian influence. 

The pothos vines that line the walls add a pop of color to the room, contrasting with the mixed wood tones that evoke a sense of warmth.

Upon entering, expect to be met with a light scent of eucalyptus, as well as a beautiful wood centerpiece holding candles, soaps and all sorts of different treats such as cupcakes.

 Beneath the counter are shelf after shelf of beautiful pastries.

It’s easy to tell the food takes a long time to make, when seeing all of the tedious marks and designs made with the icing, laced with berries and herbs.

The menu may seem overpriced at first glance but when compared to places such as Starbucks or any other ordinary cafe, the cost is much the same. 

It is not only family-friendly with outdoor seating and games, but it is also a great place to either catch up on schoolwork or grab a cup of coffee with a friend. With its eye-catching artwork, textured area rugs and animated atmosphere, customers will feel right at home.

Izak Zeller

We got our burritos pretty quickly. It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes. 

But when the food was placed in front of me, I silently cried. This burrito was nearly nine dollars, not including tax. For what I got, the price was absolutely ridiculous. The burrito was only four or five inches in length.

My first bite was met with a very basic burrito. The cheese added some spice and flavor, but that was about it. No salsa, no sauce, just a burrito that tasted like every other one out there. There definitely could have been more cheese, too. In fact, it tasted just like the Starbucks’ breakfast burrito, except at least that one isn’t the size of my pinkie.

Overall, I rate the burrito a 3 out of 5; not necessarily bad, but so bland that I just can’t bring myself to give it a 4.

Elaina Hammes

There wasn’t nearly as much of the Pepperjack cheese in the burrito as I would have liked, although it definitely added an extra kick to the dish. 

When it comes down to it, it really fits the overall description of a basic burrito. 

The contrast of fluffiness of the eggs with the saltiness of the potato is exceptional, but I wish there had been some kind of sauce or spice to add some extra flavor. 

Overall, I wouldn’t say I was impressed but I would order the Pepperjack Burrito again. 

I rate this dish 3 out of 5 because of my low tolerance for heat. Those who enjoy a little bit of heat should try this dish.

Sofia Ball

The presentation was not as good as I thought it would be. The burrito rested on a sheet of checkered paper in a small tin bowl. 

I was disappointed with the burrito’s size. The taste, however, was beautifully spicy, not too hot but just a little kick. The eggs added nice fluff to the cheese and potatoes. Overall the burrito was good. I will rate it 3 out of 5, 

I was just not impressed.

Grace Logan

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Pepperjack Burrito, in spite of my compatriots previous reviews. It had a nice spice level, the eggs were fluffy, the potatoes were nicely seasoned and the sausage had a good flavor.

The one thing I can’t get behind is the price of this burrito. As a high school student who’s budget doesn’t have room for many expenses, I’m a big advocate for – extremely – cheap eats. Spending $8 on a burrito just isn’t something I can do frequently. It’s a nice treat once in a while, but I won’t be rushing to grab this burrito anytime soon. 

I would recommend trying it once, if you are craving something for breakfast with a little bit of spice.