Bonfire (Aug. 31) Photos

Illuminated by cell phone flashlights, sophomore Owen Barth teases sophomore Harper Engle during a roast battle Aug. 31 in the parking lot. The roast battle began spontaneously after the Bonfire Assembly moved to the parking lot. “ just as a joke,” Barth said. “ bars were pre-written. He is not a lyrical genius like I am.” (Evan Johnson)
Doing a TikTok dance, juniors Bryan Mckee, Savannah Kessinger, and Addison Masters dance to Family Affair by Mary J Blige Aug. 31 in the Main Gym. The juniors skit theme was sorority rush. “I think it went really good we practiced a lot, it was super stressful for me to run it but in the end i’m really proud of the hard work we all put in,” Kessinger said. (Ashley Broils)