Searching for Connection

Looking to get involved? Consider joining one of these organizations

Thespian Troupe #888

“Students should try out theater just to try something new. There are many different areas of interest for people from acting, to doing tech like building sets, painting or putting together costumes. Our Troupe is like a family, so it’s a good space to find your home away from home.” – president Alyssa Kempf

Chick-Fil-A Club

“The club is super fun and a great way to meet new people while eating chicken. It’s the perfect excuse to eat Chick-Fil-A. We meet twice a month, once before late start and once after school.” — co-president Katie Burke

Black Student Union

“I think students should join Black Student Union because we are a community. As an organization we talk about important topics but we also have fun and do activities most other clubs don’t such as running the Black History Month Assembly. We plan to do some really cool things this year so anyone who is interested should definitely join.” — co-president Comfort Adegoke


“Students who are involved in the athletic programs have to be accountable. They must have a competitive spirit that goes on as well as respect for themselves and for others. I think that carries you on. Those are the lessons that will take you far into life, well beyond your years of high school.” – Athletic Director Angelo Giacalone

Anime Club

“Anime Club is a place where anyone’s welcome, even if you have never watched anything. We all make sure everyone is involved and taken care of. We’ll be putting posters out for Club very soon. It will have information, and hopefully get a QR code for the Anime Club GroupMe. They can also show up at room 8,on Wednesdays right after school.” — president Elena Thompson

Earth First Club

“Joining Earth First is a great way to show support and appreciation for the planet we live on. We do lots of great things as a club to show our appreciation. I hope that members feel fulfilled and better about how they treat the earth. I think it’s a great why to give back to our local community.” – president Annaliese Nguyen

Creative Minds Club

“We do writing, painting, drawing and sewing, and we’re trying to save up money for pottery. We write music. We create whatever your mind can think of.  There are multiple ways to express yourself and learn things you never knew.” — secretary Adalyn Moore


“My freshman year, I went to REbel Club with my sister and it was automatically a good vibe.  I wanted to keep it going because it’s a relaxed club where you just come and hang out with your friends to talk about current events. It’s a really good environment and we’re a very welcoming group. It’s not a huge commitment. It’s all discussion-based, but we’re off topic all the time and we just have a great time.” –  co-leader Samantha Sullivan