How to be Happy

Adriana Jaime is going to be a busy bee during the upcoming school year, but its worth it if she can see others happy

Izak Zeller

When senior Adriana Jaime goes to each StuCo meeting, she thinks of only one word, family. 

Jaime has been on StuCo since her freshman year, and she has seen the growth of everyone around her. Everyone is unique and the time that they’ve spent together has made it feel like family.

“I love seeing people’s and someone who they want to be,” Jaime said. “ really opened up my eyes a lot and really made me who I am today.”

This year, Jaime will serve as the publicist for StuCo, and will be responsible for running the dance committee. Her role in the past was to help the previous chair and plan out her schedule. She wanted to make things easier and lighten the load. 

StuCo isn’t the only organization she is involved with. She is also a recruiter on the Spirit Club exec board. Spirit club is responsible for assemblies, themes and general school spirit.

“I don’t have much experience with spirit club,” Jaime said. “But I love just getting out there. It was a switch for me I got out of my comfort zone, but I liked that.”

She started doing Spirit Club to be more involved in the school. Being on StuCo exec and Spirit Club exec has put some pressure on her schedule. She has to attend all StuCo events and Spirit Club events, but she is trying to have fun and go with the flow. 

“I genuinely love this school,” Jaime said. “In the past couple years with , it has been kind of hard to get back into having spirit and having hopes for your high school experience.”

As the school year ramps up again, Jaime will be very busy with her classes and organizations. But she is looking forward to making her fellow classmates smile.