Back to School Fashion

Two students share their fashion inspiration and discuss their favorites ‘fits

Grace Logan and Izak Zeller

Senior Evie Hussani

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

“I watch a lot of old movies; I really like 70s and 80s movies. The fashion popped out to me and I wanted to look like those actresses. That’s where I get a lot of my inspiration.” 

Specific Actress: Alexa Demi

“I know she’s not an older one, but I really like her fashion sense and how confident she is in everything she wears. That helps me a lot, because a lot of the times I’m like ‘Eh I don’t know if this will look good, I don’t know if I should try it.’ But then, I just have confidence in myself and I wear it anyways. It helps me branch out in my style.”

“A lot of people think that they don’t have good style or they can’t pull certain things off, but as long as you have confidence in yourself and you feel good in what you’re wearing you should just rock it; because why not?” – Hussani

Freshman Emily Ersery

How did your fashion sense evolve? 

“I was at a point where I wore sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweatpants every single day. If you wear that, that’s great. I just got tired of wearing it every single day. Now I’m at I can’t wear the same outfit in two weeks.”

“I always wore the same outfits, and I wanted to change it up. I got a lot of my inspiration from TikTok and the outfits wore.” – Hussani