We Heard You

Upperclassmen reflect on their first years in high school and give advice to younger students

Veronica Meiss (she/her), Online Editor In Chief

“Focus on taking life one day at a time.” — senior Abby Obertop

“Don’t focus on the things we are told to be in order to be happy. Be real and focus on what you love. Social media, trends and celebrities . Don’t worry about what others are doing, take care of yourself first.“ — junior Carlos Guerra

“I think it’s important for incoming freshmen and sophomores to know that it doesn’t take much effort to talk to new people.” — junior Ella Huggins

“While everyone says , it is actually such an important part of making high school fun. Try to have a variety of friend groups instead of just one.” — senior Kadence Peel

“Overall, I think that my freshman and sophomore years really shaped me as a person and taught me what high school is all about. Don’t lose hope on having a fun high school experience and try to make the best out of your school year, no matter what happens.” — senior Maggie Chapin

“ be afraid of being involved in activities that Northwest has. meet new friends that you will know for the next four years.” — senior Zadic Torline

“Do not procrastinate. Your work determines who you are. Keep everything organized and labeled. Make sure you take time to breathe.” — junior Lucian Gonzales

“My underclassman years went by really fast and it’s weird to think that I’m a junior. My advice for incoming freshmen is to do things you enjoy.” — junior Nic Rogers