Taking Action

Disney comes under legal fire after debut of recent film

Izak Zeller (he/him), Copy Editor

     Scarlett Johansson, the star of Black Widow, is suing Disney. The suit was filed on July 29, alleging that Disney breached their contract with Johansson. The suit alleges Johansson’s contract was broken when Disney released the movie on their streaming service Disney+. The suit claims that Johansson and Disney agreed to a theatrical release. The suit also claims Johansson agreed to most of her salary being based on box office numbers. Disney announced that it would be released on Disney+ months before Johansson decided to sue.

     The pandemic has jump started many trends, a large one being streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. The Disney+ latter includes a feature called Premier Access, which comes with an extra fee of $30. Premier Access gives consumers the option to watch movies that are scheduled to be released on the platform early. After being pushed back due to the pandemic, it was announced that Black Widow would be available on the streaming service as well as theaters.

Its initial release on July 9, brought massive success for the company. Earning $80 million in North America, seventy-$80 million abroad and $60 million from Disney+.